HEIDENHAIN at the Turning Days: Booth A-08-1

CNC PILOT 640 lathe control from HEIDENHAIN:
Automatic program creation with TURN PLUS

The CNC PILOT 620 lathe control from HEIDENHAIN is already in use in many workshops. After all, it’s a very impressive control thanks to its ease of operation. During the Turning Days 2015, HEIDENHAIN will demonstrate the powerful TURN PLUS feature of the CNC PILOT 640 on a programming station. TURN PLUS makes program creation even faster. Depending on the geometry definition, this can save the user about 80 % of the time otherwise needed to create a program. That provides the time needed for optimization and safety when breaking in the part program.

In a few steps, TURN PLUS generates a comprehensively commented smart.Turn program with working blocks (units)—entirely automatically and in a very short time. After the user graphically has entered the workpiece blank and finished contour, he simply selects the material and fixtures. TURN PLUS handles everything else: it generates the working plan, selects the machining strategy, selects the tools and cutting data, and generates the NC blocks. This applies even for complex workpieces that need to be machined on the front face, rear side and lateral surfaces. TURN PLUS also knows the position of the chucking devices and considers them when it generates the working plan. It automatically limits the tool path to a safe distance from the chuck. When the program for the first setup is finished, it provides dialog guidance for rechucking the workpiece. The control then automatically generates the program for the second setup using the workpiece geometry that has already been entered. A control graphic shows every machining step.

TURN PLUS has an appropriate sequence of possible operations, such as “first roughing transverse, then roughing longitudinal” or “finishing outside, then finishing inside.” The user can adapt this sequence to various combinations of tasks. So TURN PLUS can respect any company’s specific machining expertise.