GAGE-CHEK 2000 series

Evaluation units for reliable measured-value acquisition and simple evaluation

  • Intuitive user interface with configurable function elements
  • Individualized axis names
  • Dial gage for graphical display of the measured value
  • Measurement series with min. and max. value recording
  • Probing functions (edge, centerline, and circle)

Easy evaluations

The Dial Gage function lets you directly compare measurements with the nominal value, warning limits, and tolerance limits. The measurements are shown in a graphical dial gage. For automation solutions, you can further process the exceedance of the warning limit or tolerance limit through integrated switching outputs.

Configurable function elements

Work efficiently with the GAGE-CHEK 2000 by configuring the functions in the side area of the screen, adapting them to the specific requirements of the measuring task. Other functions are available as well, such as a preset table and minimum and maximum value recording.

Measuring with reference parts

The Mastering function lets you apply the values of a reference part for the given axes, as well as save metadata. During measurement of the reference part, you can apply the values individually or collectively in the digital readout.

Extensive functionality

  • Measured value output through manual, touch-probe triggered, or continual data transmission
  • Configurable data formats for the measurement output
  • Probing functions for reference acquisition
  • Diameter/radius display
  • Relative measurement

Application-oriented design

Product variants

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