EIB 1500 series

Signal converters for high-accuracy angular measurement

  • Interpolation and digitizing electronics for the real-time digital processing of positions from two scanning heads
  • Input: incremental rotatory HEIDENHAIN encoder with two scanning heads and distance-coded reference marks
    (relative orientation of scanning heads: 180° ± 5°)
  • Output: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface, Mitsubishi high speed serial interface
  • Integrated subdivision: 16 384-fold

Built for long-term operation

Thanks to a dust-proof, water-resistant design with an IP65 rating, the EIB 1500 can handle harsh daily shopfloor conditions for reliable and failsafe position processing even in moist and dust-filled environments.


Online diagnostics

The online diagnostics of EnDat 2.2 are supported, outputting valuation numbers for the incremental track, reference pulse width, and reference pulse position. For insight into complete-system functionality, the lower of the two connected encoder values is always used.