Signal converters: greater flexibility for your applications

The signal converters from HEIDENHAIN let you flexibly adapt the encoder signal interfaces to the requirements of your applications. For some applications, additional signals, such as from temperature sensors, are processed and forwarded to the subsequent electronics.

Adaptation to interfaces

The signal converters from HEIDENHAIN adapt the encoder signals to the interface, thereby boosting compatibility with the subsequent electronics. For greater flexibility in the application, signals can be interpolated, and different designs can be selected (e.g., housing, connector, top hat rail, or built-in version).

Angular measurement with greater accuracy

Benefit from real-time position calculation based on two scanning heads from rotatory HEIDENHAIN encoders without negative effects on the control loop. The EIB 1500 can compensate for errors such as shaft runout or the eccentric scale mounting of modular angle encoders.

Temperature measurement of direct drive motors

Monitor all three windings to attain greater cost effectiveness and overload protection for direct drive motors. Optimize the temperature measurement from up to three temperature sensors, and compensate for the temperature measurement timing behavior in ETEL direct drive motors.

Computer-aided measurement

The signal converters are evaluation electronics that allow encoders to be connected to computer-aided applications requiring rapid measurement and high signal resolution. These applications include inspection stations, multi-gauging fixtures, and mobile data acquisition for machine calibration.

Signal converters from HEIDENHAIN: the right encoders and interfaces for every application