LB 383

Incremental linear encoder with full-size scale housing

  • Large measuring lengths of up to 72 m
  • Single-section version for up to 3040 mm
  • Multi-section housing with integrated seal
  • Interface: 1 VPP

Long measuring lengths

The LB 383 linear encoder can be up to 3 m long with a single-section housing and up to 72 m long with a multi-section housing. In all lengths, the LB 383 features excellent dynamic performance, high reliability, and high accuracy across its entire measuring range.

Multi-section housing

Multiple housing sections can be joined together to form long measuring lengths. A steel scale tape is drawn through them and secured to the machine bed at both ends of the encoder. Due to the design, scanning is performed with the housing at a neutral range of tilt, thus preventing inaccuracy at the section joints.

Air supply for linear encoders: optimal supply of sealing air

Product variants

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Single-section devices

Multi-section devices

Multi-section parts consist of a parts kit and a scanning unit. Please select these two components from the lists. For further advisory support, please contact our Sales department by phone or e-mail, or use our contact form.

Parts kit