ERN 1023

Incremental rotary encoders with integral bearing

  • Axial tolerance of up to ±0.15 mm
  • Blind hollow shaft in Ø 6 mm
  • Positioning accuracy of down to ±130"
  • Up to 8192 signal periods per revolution
  • Max. operating temperature: 90 °C
  • Interface: TTL
  • Housing diameter ≈ 35 mm

Direct shaft coupling

The encoder's hollow shaft allows it to be directly coupled to the mating shaft. No additional rotor coupling is required. The high rigidity permits higher control-loop bandwidths while significantly reducing inaccuracy and installation complexity.

Block commutation signals

Along with TTL signals, the rotary encoders of this series also output U, V, and W block commutation signals for direct commutation control. No additional Hall sensors are required for motor control.

Flexible coupling

The stator coupling compensates for play between the motor and the rotary encoder, thereby correcting inaccuracy. Even tilt and axial play can be reliably compensated for. The stator coupling also facilitates easy mounting to the plane surface.

Compact design

The rotary encoders of this series feature high ruggedness and reliability in a very compact design with an outer diameter of just 35 mm. Their small footprint makes them ideal for very tight installation spaces.

Product variants

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