ACANTO series

Absolute length gauges for measuring stations and multi-gauging fixtures

  • High system accuracy: ±2 µm / ±1 µm
  • Serial data transmission
  • Interface: EnDat 2.2
  • Protection rating of up to IP67
  • Compact design for limited installation space
  • Various plunger actuation possibilities

Online diagnostics provide process reliability

The EnDat 2.2 serial interface makes online diagnostics possible. Error messages and warnings provide information about the condition of the length gauges and their function reserves. This allows for higher availability of the overall system and increased process reliability.

Durable and contamination-resistant

A durable design ensures reliable operation, even under high vibration and shock loads. Featuring chemically and thermally resistant bellows, as well as a dust-proof, water-resistant design, these length gauges can easily handle harsh everday shop conditions. 

Any mounting orientation

The ACANTO series length gauges can be used in any required orientation. An optional clamping sleeve ensures both secure clamping and smooth guidance.

Ideal for multi-gauging fixtures

The compact design of these length gauges features a frontal profile of less than 15 mm. Multiple length gauges can be arrayed in a small space for simultaneous measurement of multiple inspection points.

Product variants

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