Signal converters for adapting encoder signals to the interface

The signal converters from HEIDENHAIN improve compatibility with the subsequent electronics by adapting the encoder signals to the interface. Signals can be interpolated, and different designs can be selected for greater flexibility in the application.

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Signal converters

IBV 6000 series

  • Incremental interface at the input (1 VPP)
  • Various output configurations (1 VPP and/or TTL)
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IBV 600, IBV 100, IBV 3000, and EXE 100 series

  • Incremental interface at the input (1 VPP and/or 11 µAPP)
  • Incremental interface at the output (TTL)
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EIB 100 and EIB 3000 series

  • Incremental interface at the input (1 VPP)
  • Serial interface at the output (EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface, Mitsubishi high speed serial interface)
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EIB 2391S, EIB 3392S, and EIB 3391Y series

  • Serial interface at the input (EnDat 2.2)
  • Serial interface at the output (DRIVE-CLiQ / Yaskawa)
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