Our training program: expertise for end users and technicians

Confident mastery of controls and proper use of encoders are essential for optimal machining and measurement outcomes. To this end, HEIDENHAIN offers practical training courses for users and machine manufacturers, imparting expertise to participants in the operation, installation, initial setup, and servicing of many different products.

Our training courses for machine manufacturers, machine distributors, automation technicians, and service technicians

Develop expertise in the installation, connection, implementation, networking, calibration, maintenance, and servicing of HEIDENHAIN components in your machines and automated systems. Our special training courses in setup and optimization, including software adaptation through PLC and Python programming, provide you with the needed HEIDENHAIN expertise.

Training program for users of controls

Our courses provide users of controls with the knowledge and practical examples they need to work effectively with the machine and the CNC control. After starting with the basics, the courses build on each other with increasingly complex content, bringing participants ever closer to becoming sought-after shopfloor specialists. They even learn to master tasks as complex as the 5-axis complete machining of very complex workpieces with difficult contours.

Technical qualification and continuing training are indispensible for achieving technological improvement and securing the future of a company and its employees.

HEIDENHAIN PACIFIC PTE LTD., Singapore provides technical training covering installation, programming and PLC programming as well as general training for distributors and end-users. 

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HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training

HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) provides NC user training through convenient online self-learning.
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In our webinars, trainers will show you how you can use TNC functions to master your machining tasks.
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Videos and animations

Get to know our products through our short videos. Product managers explain product benefits, and animations illustrate their operation and functionality.
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User’s manuals, installation instructions, mounting instructions, software, and much more are available for download here.
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