TT 460

Tool touch probe for efficient tool measurement and inspection

  • High probing repeatability for superb measurement quality
  • Signal transmission: radio and infrared
  • Interfaces: HTL or EnDat 2.2 via SE
  • Protection rating: IP68

Fast calibration

The symmetrical design of this tool touch probe makes initial calibration fast. The control's calibration cycle is usually all that is needed for eliminating runout. Complicated mechanical adjustment isn’t required during installation or after a probe contact has been replaced.

Damage protection

The connecting pin for the probe contact features a rated break point that prevents costly damage to the touch probe. This break point works in all probing directions, and a rubber sleeve provides splinter protection. In the event of breakage, the pin is easy to replace without readjustment.

Cableless transmission

This touch probe's reliable radio and infrared transmission methods eliminate complex cabling in difficult-to-reach areas and deliver dual benefits in a single system: infrared is ideal for compact machines, while radio is ideal for larger machines.

Flexible mounting options

The TT 460 tool touch probe provides convenient installation via fixing clamps or a compact mounting base. A magnetic base is also available for applications with limited space.

Product variants

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