Digital motor control


  • Modular drives for up to 13 axes plus spindle
  • Compact drives for up to 4 axes plus spindle


  • QSY axis feed motors: from 0.4 Nm to 120 Nm
  • QAN spindle motors: from 5.5 kW to 40 kW

Modular drives

The modular drives offer various axis and spindle power modules, as well as power supply units ranging from 22 kW to 125 kW. The modular drives are suitable for machines with up to 13 axes plus a spindle rated up to 40 kW. Their modular design facilitates a perfect machine design.

Compact drives

Compact drives contain the power electronics for up to two axes, three axes, or four axes plus a spindle rated up to 15 kW. The modular drives offer various axis and spindle power modules, along with power supply units ranging from 22 kW to 125 kW. They thereby deliver optimum performance in a compact design.

Synchronized motors for feed axes

Synchronized motors from HEIDENHAIN are specially designed for use in the feed axes of a CNC machine tool. They feature an optimized mass moment of inertia, uniform torque over a complete revolution, and excellent speed stability.

Asynchronous motors for spindles

The asynchronous motors from HEIDENHAIN are available in different versions and power ratings. These high-performance motors feature high torques, making them suitable for high spindle loads. Their rugged and durable design permits high shaft speeds.

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Innovative Gen 3 control technology

The new Gen 3 drives are a perfectly matched self-contained system based on particularly innovative and future-ready technologies. Gen 3 consists of various control components with state-of-the-art interface technology, improved specs, and enhanced controller performance.

The high-performance, state-of-the-art Gen 3 control package:
  • High power density
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible expandability
  • Powerful diagnostics
  • Excellent control quality

Customized control systems

The New Drive Generation: Control technology that moves intelligently

Klartext Portal: the informational site about HEIDENHAIN controls

The Klartext Portal is full of practical programming and machining tips, including detailed information about functions and product innovations.