ERM 2000 series

Incremental angle encoders with magnetic scanning

  • Easy mounting with only little adjustment work
  • Continuous operation at high shaft speeds
  • Rugged and tolerant to contamination
  • Graduation accuracy: ±2.5” to ±72”
  • Signal periods: 1024 to 7200
  • Diameters: 64 mm to 452 mm
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, TTL, EnDat 2.2

Compact and versatile

The ERM 2000 series angle encoders feature various drum sizes and geometries. Large inside diameters of up to 512 mm facilitate cable routing through the encoder. Their compact design permits installation in tight spaces.

High permissible shaft speeds

The modular bearingless design of these encoders permits high shaft speeds in continuous operation and reversing duty, even when installed with mechanical fault exclusion. These high shaft speeds do not increase the acoustic operating noise of the encoder.

Sturdy and tolerant to contamination

The MAGNODUR measuring standard is particularly tolerant to contamination. The resulting consistent signal quality makes these encoders suitable for harsh shopfloor conditions.

The extremely accurate ERM 2203

Even with their high permissible shaft speeds, the ERM 2203 angle encoders feature high accuracy and robust scanning.

Product variants

Modular angle encoders consist of a scale drum and a scanning head. Please select these two components from the lists. For further information, please contact our Sales department by phone or e-mail, or through our contact form.

Scale drum
Scanning head