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Reliably inspect workpieces with the new generation of METRO and SPECTO length gauges

Workpiece inspection is very important both during and after machining. The new generation of METRO and SPECTO length gauges from NUMERIK JENA provides production metrology and quality inspection with many benefits that ensure the delivery of perfect products to customers.

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The TNC7 at EMO 2023:
greater process reliability, less energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint

The TNC7 from HEIDENHAIN is now available with the latest Version 18 software and new hardware designs. This innovative CNC control can help companies master the present-day challenges of saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, staying competitive and ensuring a reliable automated manufacturing process.

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reducing costs and carbon footprints

Solutions that make machine tools more resource- and cost-efficient by reducing machining times, idle times and downtime are certainly the most effective measures for reduced energy demands on the shop floor. That's why, at EMO 2023, HEIDENHAIN is focusing on reducing carbon footprints while achieving even higher process reliability.

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HEIDENHAIN at automatica 2023: The next generation of inductive scanning

HEIDENHAIN is showcasing its next generation of inductive scanning technology, embodied in the ECI 1122 and EQI 1134 rotary encoders. Designed for high-performance automation, these new encoders feature low noise, low speed ripple and extensive operating data. Thanks to their EnDat 3 interface, they can be connected using the HMC 2 single-cable solution.

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Inductive rotary encoders for robot axes: Intelligent encoders at automatica 2023 are setting new standards in robotics

Robotics and other applications with compact motors stand to benefit from the KCI 1300 (singleturn) and KBI 1300 (multiturn) rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN. Flat, lightweight and immune to both contamination and magnetic fields, these encoders feature a 25 mm hollow shaft and employ a scanning unit combined with either a screw-fastened circular scale or a press-fit disk/hub assembly. Wide mounting tolerances make installation easy. Mechanical fault exclusion ensures dependable mounting.

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New horizons for advanced robotics at automatica 2023: The HEIDENHAIN KCI 120 Dplus inductive dual encoder

Discover a single device that provides position feedback from both the motor shaft and gearbox output shaft of a robot joint: the HEIDENHAIN KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder. Using robust inductive scanning technology, the encoder’s scanning head reads two separate circular scales for dual feedback. By measuring the gearbox output shaft, the KCI 120 Dplus can counteract design-induced inaccuracy on highly articulated and dynamic robots.

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Intelligent encoders setting new standards in drive system technology

At its booth at SPS in Nuremberg and afterwards at its digital event for automation, HEIDENHAIN will be showcasing powerful solutions that set new standards in automation drive systems, including products from its brands AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO and RSF. Visitors will discover new inductive rotary encoder variants for robotics applications along with the next generation of inductive scanning.

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New functions and improved features for shop-floor oriented production

HEIDENHAIN is presenting the next stage in development of the TNC7 at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart. Software version 17 of the next level in CNC control offers even more features that make working on the shop floor faster, easier and more reliable.

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Increase process reliability while reducing your costs and CO2 footprint

Sustainability and system costs, also referred to as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), are trending topics for machinists and machine manufacturers in the machining world. At AMB, HEIDENHAIN is showing actual solutions to make machine tools more cost efficient through better utilization of resources.

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The Digital Shop Floor from HEIDENHAIN:
Software, advising and services that advance your CNC machining

The Digital Shop Floor from HEIDENHAIN delivers practical solutions and competent services for complete digitalization, providing 360° of insight into manufacturing environments.

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HEIDENHAIN at AMB: more manufacturing reliability, productivity and resource efficiency

Performance, CO2 footprint and digitalization are trending topics for users and machine manufacturers in the machining world. At AMB, HEIDENHAIN will be presenting real-world solutions for the closely interrelated and often abstract requirements behind these terms.

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Intelligent solutions for demanding applications: encoders for every motion system at the HEIDENHAIN virtual trade show for automation

A virtual trade show for automation will exhibit new solutions for robotics, medical technology, elevators, and more from HEIDENHAIN and its brands AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO, and RSF. Discover ultra-compact encoders and encoders with added functionality, offering numerous benefits especially in low-space applications.

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The virtual trade show for metrology and quality assurance from HEIDENHAIN: High-end encoder accuracy that reaches the application

In May, HEIDENHAIN and its brands AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, and RSF will be hosting their virtual trade show for metrology and quality assurance.

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The new TS 750 touch probe and new grinding functions for the TNC 640

Grinding provides a path to perfect finishes. But this requires secure mastery of grinding processes and in-process monitoring of machining progress. This year, HEIDENHAIN will be a first-time exhibitor at GrindTec, presenting high-accuracy, robust solutions for machine manufacturers and operator-friendly grinding functions for the user on the TNC 640 control.

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HEIDENHAIN at interlift 2019: encoders for elevators of the future

In the near future, cable-based elevator technology will no longer need microswitches for brake release monitoring. That’s because the new HEIDENHAIN KCI 419 Dplus rotary encoder for elevators provides not only position feedback for elevator motor control but also additional data for brake monitoring.

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Scalable encoders for application-specific drive control

A single motor and a host of possibilities: Drives can be simply adapted to a wide variety of applications thanks to encoders from HEIDENHAIN, AMO, and RENCO. 

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Debut of the new OCM and grinding functions for the TNC

HEIDENHAIN introduced two new TNC functions. Thanks to OCM, the user can program innovative milling strategies for any pocket and island directly on the TNC control. Meanwhile, new grinding functions round off the TNC 640’s capabilities for complete machining in a single setup.

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Controls and measuring technology from HEIDENHAIN: Reliable processes for exact, dynamic, and efficient production

Having command of highly complex procedures is a clear competitive advantage when it comes to milling and turning. Machine tools that are equipped with controls, encoders, and drive technology from HEIDENHAIN provide the best technical prerequisites.

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Powerful TNC functions for perfect molds

Deviations of the radius cutter's geometry from the ideal circular shape can negatively influence the surface quality and contour accuracy of a workpiece. With the aid of the powerful and three-dimensional tool-radius compensation option 3D-ToolComp and Cycle 444 PROBING IN 3-D offered by TNC controls, these deviations can be compensated for quickly and easily. 

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HEIDENHAIN Testing and Inspection Equipment – Two devices, many practical possibilities for analysis

With the PWT 100 testing device and the PWM 21 inspection device from HEIDENHAIN, specialists for the repair and maintenance of machines and facilities have many highly practical options for displaying and evaluating this comprehensive information as well as for analyzing the encoders.

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HEIDENHAIN and LEINE & LINDE: new ESR strain sensors bring digitalization to the monitoring of building structures and large equipment

Bridges, wind turbines, cranes, and other similar large structures are subjected to particularly high loads. That’s why safe operation requires extensive monitoring. For this purpose, HEIDENHAIN and LEINE & LINDE will be introducing a new encoder series: the ESR strain sensors provide highly accurate digital measurement signals and are particularly easy to install.

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The ERP 1000 modular angle encoder from HEIDENHAIN

The ERP 1000 family of angle encoders was developed by HEIDENHAIN for applications requiring exceptionally constant speed control or high position stability at standstill. 

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HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ Interface: Communicate with Siemens Controls Safely and Directly

HEIDENHAIN offers absolute rotary encoders with DRIVE-CLiQ interface* for position measurement in machines and production facilities with Siemens controls. 

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HEIDENHAIN CNC PILOT 640: High-End Turning at the Push of a Button

The HEIDENHAIN turning control CNC PILOT 640 has been impressing customers for many years with many advantages that facilitate the user's high-end turning operations. This is why it is becoming increasingly popular in applications that need to combine simple operation in the workshop with high production quality.

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The HEIDENHAIN LIP 6000: Accurate, Compact, and Reliable

The LIP 6000 exposed linear encoder from HEIDENHAIN, featuring interferential scanning, enables exceptionally accurate position measurement as well as permanently reliable signals, all within in a compact design.

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Functional safety version of the HEIDENHAIN ECA 4000

When using torque motors in machine tools, it is often necessary to classify the encoders for safety-related applications according to SIL 2 (as per EN 61 508) or performance level "d" (as per EN ISO 13849), because the rotational axes are usually operated with only one encoder. 

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Inductive rotary encoders in plastics processing

Machine designs for the injection molding of plastics increasingly depend on hybrid or even all-electric drive technology. High-efficiency electric drives close the mold, dose, inject and dispense as well as actuate the frequently coupled extraction robot. 

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