HEIDENHAIN – Measuring easily, durably and with high accuracy

Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN are the perfect combination of highly accurate angle encoders and high-precision bearings. They are characterized by their high degree of measuring and bearing accuracy, their very high resolution, and the excellent repeatability. The low starting torque permits smooth motions. Instead of numerous individual components, HEIDENHAIN angle encoder modules offer a highly integrated assembly with tested and specified properties. Simple mechanical interfaces eliminate all critical mounting processes. The elaborate matching of all individual components to each other as well as to the machine environment is no longer necessary, nor is time-consuming testing.

Angle encoder modules therefore simplify the design of high-precision rotary axes. HEIDENHAIN has already completed the necessary assembly and adjustments of all individual components. The properties of the angle encoder modules have already been defined and tested according to the customer’s specifications. They are therefore a true alternative to air-bearing axes regarding the reproducible guideway accuracy. At the same time, they are sturdier and simpler to install and handle.

HEIDENHAIN has developed its new evaluation electronics QUADRA-CHEK 3000 for quick, simple and high-accuracy measuring. The modern video tools of the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluate the camera image, detect edges and identify measuring points. QUADRA-CHEK 3000 displays the results graphically on its touchscreen. Right next to it are clearly drawn operating controls with the available functions, such as Measure Magic for automatic measuring actions in no time flat. In this way, the user has everything in view and can operate the QUADRA-CHEK 3000 intuitively by tapping, wiping and pulling on its touchscreen. The new Features View enables you to design further geometry features. This is also done in a simple and intuitive way directly in the graphical display on the touchscreen. The QUADRA-CHEK 3000’s workshop-oriented designed is perfect for a harsh manufacturing environment. A very flat, sturdy aluminum housing and specially hardened glass for the touchscreen are just as important as the integrated power supply and fanless passive cooling. The back panel offers several connections and interfaces including USB and Ethernet.

Exposed linear encoders find application wherever very high requirements on the accuracy of measured values is required. They include measuring and production equipment in the semiconductor industry, PCB assembly machines and measuring machines, but also high-precision machine tool and direct drives. To ensure that these high accuracy requirements can be met over the entire life cycle of the encoders, HEIDENHAIN has developed a new signal processing ASIC. It will be built into a new generation of exposed linear encoders with incremental position value acquisition such as the LIDA 400, which HEIDENHAIN will present at the Control 2016.

The new ASIC almost completely compensates fluctuations in signal amplitude as a result of interference. The underlying, distinctly improved signal stabilization is effective particularly with contamination of the measuring standard or scanning reticle and offers two essential benefits: 

  • A lastingly stable signal without abrupt signal failure
  • Feedback control without reduced of interpolation accuracy or increased noise component in scanning signals