Very Compact: Absolute Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN with SSI Interface

An external diameter of only 35 mm and an SSI interface are the special features of the new HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders ECN 1013 and EQN 1025, and ROC 1013 and ROQ 1025. They complete the HEIDENHAIN product portfolio of compact absolute rotary encoders. With simple electrical connections and an extended power-supply range from 4.75 V to 30 V, they offer manufacturers of machines, plants and devices a complete series of rotary encoders with all the standard interfaces for installations of limited space. These rotary encoders are well suited for a variety of different applications including antenna technology, automated guided vehicles, logistics systems, machine building, medical technology, and packaging machines.

The new absolute rotary encoders with SSI interface provide a total resolution of 25 bits (13 bits singleturn and 12 bits multiturn). In addition to the serial position value outputs, the SSI encoders also provide 1 Vpp signals for high interpolation. Two further inputs permit you to program the direction of rotation electronically and set the zero position of the absolute position value. The system accuracy of the rotary encoders is ±60 angular seconds.

The 6 mm blind hollow shaft devices, ECN and EQN, are mounted by an integrated stator coupling. This connection can be very rigid and is ideal for highly dynamic systems. The ROC and ROQ versions with synchro flange have a solid shaft of 4 mm in diameter and are coupled with the drive on the shaft side. This makes the new absolute rotary encoders mechanically compatible with the incremental rotary encoders of the compact class. They have an operating temperature range of –30 °C to 100 °C and the IP64 degree of protection, which means that they can be implemented not only in installations of restricted space, but also in challenging environmental conditions.